About our conference

GRITMUN is a day-long conference for high-school students in Maryland, hosted by the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC.) Long ago, UMBC used to host a day-long conference called Diplomat for a Day. This year, UMBC's Model UN team wanted to bring that spirit back with a re-vamped version of that conference, tackling modern day issues that the young adults of today and tomorrow will have to face. 

This conference has five committees with thrilling topics that we think the high school students will love to debate with and participate in. UMBC's talented Model UN team will be chairing these committees and look forward to bringing the United Nations experience to the high school students, whether they are seasoned Model UN veterans or brand new to the idea. 


Located right outside of Baltimore and just a short train ride away from Washington D.C., UMBC is a school of driven and intelligent students that take the initiative to make their world a better place. The College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at UMBC, who is co-sponsoring the event, houses the Political Science and Global Studies programs at UMBC, which is where most of our students our studying. 

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